Elizabeth Heaton enjoys a successful psychiatric practice in upper Manhattan, and a long-term relationship with her Commodities Broker boyfriend, Michael. A weekend retreat to Palm Beach takes an unexpected turn when Elizabeth falls into the passionate embrace of a one-night stand with Billy Lauder. Wracked by guilt and embarrassment, she returns to New York, concerned about preserving her future with Michael.

Meantime, one of Elizabeth's patients, Joe Goode, battles a serious gambling addiction which threatens both his job and his reputation. Living in a sparse, middle-class home with his long-suffering mother, he holds on to the belief that one big score, the win that will put an end to all of his troubles, is just around the corner.

Elizabeth's life takes a decided turn for the worse when Billy tracks her to New York, intent on furthering their relationship. Her attempts at reason have no effect, and only lead to threatening messages, the ransacking of her office and apartment, and the brutal assault of a colleague. Regretfully confessing her infidelity to Michael only serves to place even greater distance between the couple. When the authorities prove ineffectual in protecting her from the increasingly-unhinged Billy, Elizabeth searches desperately for a place to turn.

After Joe loses his job, and his mother receives repeated phone threats from angry bookies and loan sharks, he is forced to confront the depths his sickness has brought him to. Alienating friends and loved ones, Joe quickly exhausts all avenues in reducing his mounting debt. Faced with being blackballed all over the city, his fear and paranoia are further heightened by the sudden, shocking death of his close friend. With his mother safely on a bus heading out of town, Joe searches desperately for a place to turn.

As a last resort, Elizabeth and Joe hatch a dangerous and daring plan they pray will solve both of their problems. No matter what the outcome, each will realize that the misguided choices with have brought them to such an extreme state will alter their lives forever.

Written and Directed by Joe Goodavage.
Produced by Marcia Andujar, Robert DeMarco and Joe Goodavage.

Poster / Trailer / Original Music