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 The Undertaker's Dozen entwines 12 of NY's most dysfunctional, deviant and colorful human beings into one 12 step program.

At the hub of the wheel is Lou Carbone, a highly successful and publicly visible crime boss. The world is his for the asking (and he does not take no for an answer) except for a dark obsession with the feel, scent, and wearing of woman's undergarments.

Carbone is perused relentlessly by Nick Clancy, an old school NYC detective who has been on Carbone's tale for nearly 10 years. Clancy is obsessed with Carbone and has a put everything on the line, including his marriage, his career and his ethics: he will stop at nothing to take Carbone down. Despite these extreme measures, Carbone has managed to, thus far, elude prosecution.

In his pursuit, Clancy confronts Dr. Leon Chomsky, a brilliant clinical psychiatrist, and the creator of the 12 step program. Carbone has sought Chomsky's help, as the doctor has had great success in turning around deviant disorders. Aware of this, Clancy uncovers skeletons in Chomsky's closet and has no hesitation about exposing them to nail Carbone.

As Carbone works through his compulsion we are introduced to a host of colorful, twisted characters combating their own demons: obsessiver overeaters, prostitutes, alcoholics, gamblers, pyromaniacs, etc. All rounding out The Undertaker's Dozen.

The Undertaker's Dozen is gritty, dark, challenging, and at times humorous. It is also our friends and family and the everyday people we share the subway with. So the next time you're standing on the platform ask yourself, is that guy one of "The Undertaker's Dozen"?